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folk_dancersFolklore Ensemble “Svetlina” at House of Culture “Svetlina”- Sofia, Bulgaria was established in the year 1940.

The folklore art of the ensemble preserves the stylistic identity of the Bulgarian music, dance and costume. Already many years qualified choreographers conspire generations and create dances based on the thousand-year tradition of our national folklore. The dancers are aged between 16 and 30 years. The repertoire includes dances from the numerous ethnographic regions of the country.  They are performed in typical costumes, of which the ensemble possesses a splendid collection.

The ensemble gives a lot of concerts in Bulgaria and has visited with a great success a number of countries: Germany, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Sudan, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, England, Poland, Portugal  etc.

Some of the latest rewards of the ensemble issue from the National competition “Youth creates” in 2002; the traditional competition for spring customs of Folklore Association “Nestia” in 2003; the Special reward of the International Folklore Festival in Targu-jiu, Romania in 2003. In the year 2003 Folklore Ensemble “Svetlina” was also approved in a National competition from the jury of the National Section of CIOFF-Bulgaria and became a bearer of the title “Representative folklore ensemble of NS of CIOFF-Bulgaria”. The year 2005 was marked by the third prize from the National competition of Rotary Club – Bulgaria.

Folklore ensemble “Svetlina” is one of the most experienced and authoritative ensembles of our capital. The ensemble is a winner of 7 first prizes from 7 consecutive national competitions, bearer of the National Medal named after the Saints Cyril and Methodius and of a large number of awards and medals, received in the course of its long-term activity in the country and abroad.

In 2008: The ensemble is a winner of first prize from the biggest national competition “The Grand Dance Award of Sofia”, organized by the Union of the Bulgarian dance and music figures, and also winner of the award for “Highest quality of performance and especially of the dances from the Shoppian region” from the International jury of International Folklore Meeting competition in Zywiec, Poland.

In 2009: Winner of the very special award for a new created folklore dance based on the national tradition and also second prize in the national competition “The Grand Dance Award of Sofia”.

In 2010: The year was a remarkable year for the history of the ensemble – Folklore ensemble “Svetlina” celebrated 70 years since its foundation. The event was marked with a spectacular concert and many other performances in the country. The ensemble received a precious appreciation for its contribution to the Bulgarian folklore art and for a second time the honorary title “Representative ensemble of the National Section of CIOFF Bulgaria”.


Folklore Ensemble “Svetlina”
20 „Tulcha“ Str.
1408 Sofia

Tel./Fax: + 3592 858 20 63
+ 359 887 80 19 96

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